Sunday, December 6, 2009

Microwave Safe and Hypocritical People for a Happy Thanksgiving:)

First off I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! Mine was amazing in Arizona! I wore shorts... yes shorts! on Thanksgiving and I LOVED it to say the least! Here in Michigan it is in the 20s pretty regularly now, so 80 on Thanksgiving Day was awesome! My family had a nice dinner at my Aunt and Uncle's house and then we went to see the Blind Side. (which was AMAZING! seriously best movie I have seen in a long time!) Thanksgiving was followed by the wedding of my cousin Lindsay and everything turned out great! Notice also beautiful sunset behind my family! (plus Karli):) I was so excited to be in shorts and the warmth that I didn't even notice the sun was shining its last rays of sunshine that day. So amazing!! Beau kind of looks like a mouse but still very cute picture I think:)

So... I have been wanting to write this blog for a while now. I have been puting it off because I have injured my hands pretty badly and typing for extended periods is really painful, but my hands were feeling ok today so I decided I'd just hurry and get it done! The initial idea came from hot chocolate. I got home late one night, and wanted to enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate. So, I poured a glass of milk and stuck it in the microwave and prepared the chocolate powder to make my delicious drink. After one minute, the milk was the perfect temperature and I was ready for a sip. To my dismay, as I put the "microwave safe" cup to my lips, I had the sudden sensation of burning! My "microwave safe" cup just about blistered my lips it was so hot!! I couldn't believe it, how can people false advertise in this way?? I have had this experience with many different kinds of eating ware and can't believe how many things say they are microwave safe, when in reality you could fry an egg on them because it's so hot! How ridiculous! I am sure I am not the only who has ever experienced this, so I thought all of you would appreciate this since I am sure one of you at least has burned your mouth or hand on a "microwave safe" dishes.
The culprit (to the left)... no worries my lip is healed:)

The second inspiration for this blog comes from the movie theater my family and I went to on Thanksgiving to see the Blind Side. My mom, Zach, Jordan, Beau, Zach's girlfriend (and my really good friend) Karli, Megan, and my twin cousins Kylee and Shay, were at the movie theater an hour before it started so we could save seats for our 22 friends and family members coming. We were one of the first people in line and getting enough seats to save was no problem... keeping them saved was another story! We had 11 seats on two rows and I know! That is A LOT of seats but in all honesty, who hasn't saved seats at one point or another in their life? So we had the seats saved and so far people had been nice and when we told them that we were saving seats for family and friends, they just kept moving along trying to find seats. Maybe not happily, but still willing. Anyway, suddenly two women shove past my mom (who was sitting on the end of the seats we had saved). As my mom said in an extremely nice way I might add, "Oh, I am sorry! We have those seats saved" the first lady sat smack dab in the middle of all our seats and without looking at my mom she said, "if they aren't here, they aren't saved!" I couldn't believe it! I leaned over to my mom and said I hope she has never saved a seat in her life because if she has, she is a bit of a hypocrite! I then decided that at least it would make a great blog story:) Anyway, this is way too much typing and getting long but Thanksgiving was great... even with a healing burnt lip and people stealing our saved seats! I love the holidays!!