Monday, January 31, 2011

Dating Advice From An 8 Year Old

As many of you know, I am a nanny here in Michigan for Miran and Helaman Forsyth. Miran is a third year dental student. She has become a great friend and we LOVE talking about dating with each other. Helaman is eight and full of fun! He likes listening when Miran and I talk about dating:)

I have loved living with them for the last year and a half, and will miss them very much when the school year is through!! In the time that I have lived with Miran and Helaman, I have learned that Helaman is quite the advice giving boy. You ask him any type of dating question and he will always give you an honest, and generally accurate answer.

Last year, Helaman instructed my friend Bingyu that she needed to wear a red dress, red shoes, and a red shirt to get a man. Bingyu... have you purchased those yet??

A few months ago, Helaman told Miran that she needed to look for five things in a man. If a man has these five things, according to Helaman, he is ready to take your heart into his heart. This is deep stuff people!! He said that a man needed these five traits:
1. Sense of humor
2. Caring
3. Loving
4. Trust
5. Respect

When Miran asked if she could change the order, Helaman told her no. Apparently this is the order it was meant to be in:)

So, three or so weeks ago Miran and I asked Helaman how to get a kiss from a man. (Important to note that, in Helaman's mind, kissing and getting married are the same thing) So, without further ado... Helaman's 15 step "get a kiss" dating advice!!(Some of these required explaining... Helaman's explanations are almost as funny as the advice)

1. You have to learn his senses (explanation: what he likes! Smell, looks, and don't frown)

2. Never let him read the journal (I was writing all of this down in my journal and he was afraid somebody might read the wrest of my journal)

3. Never fall in love with another man after you fell in love with that man (Enough said!)

4. Never dress up wrong (explanation: crazy hair or a color he doesn't like)

5. Use wise choices [explanation: how you make your moves... and stuff (explanation: moves is how you talk in order or eat in order. His example was if there is lobster or chicken, eat the salad first)]

6. Don't feel embarrassed (explanation: when you are going to do all your moves)

7. **** Ladies! Prepare, this is my favorite and according to Helaman, the ABSOLUTE most important!****
DO NOT let another woman fall in love with your man, it will distract him from marrying you!

8. Do not wear long dresses (explanation: you might trip and that would ruin your date)

9. Do not make him mad (explanation: he will execute the date, meaning kill it)

10. Help him when he drops his stuff, he will like you if you help him

11. Do not wear long high heels (explanation: you could trip like the dress and make a mistake again)

12: Wear something fashionable [Helaman's idea of fashionable: short dress- to the knees, sparkles on the dress, and last... (imagine him staring at me while he thinks of one last thing to be fashionable) Don't wear glasses! Wear those things you put in your eyes (he meant my contacts)]

13. Don't burp (explanation: because Helaman burps a lot)

14. Don't have a wrinkled dress

15. Do it on a good day (explanation: on a day that you have no plans)

Living with Helaman brings laughter every day! Who would have thought an 8 year old could be so brilliant! With Valentines coming up, I hope all of you can take advantage of his dating advice:)