Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mission Call Guesses!!

Hello friends and family who read my blog!! I posted this on my facebook page but I know a few of you don't have a facebook, so I thought I'd post it here! My papers were officially submitted on Sunday and I should have my call in the next month or so! SO exciting!!

Anyway, I created a google doc that people have access to... all you have to do is log onto it and edit it! Include your name, guess, reason for your guess, and your favorite treat (anybody who guesses correctly or closest will receive a treat on their doorstep) I did it this way so I can record peoples guesses!!

(again... have no idea how to make this a link, sorry you will have to copy and paste)

Guess away:)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Truth of A Fortune Cookie

So, generally speaking I think fortune cookies are completely ridiculous. Seriously people, I would much rather tell you the qualities that I love about you, than have you be devastated because your most recent fortune cookie says you will live a life full of sadness.

My negative view of fortune cookies was changed briefly, when I opened a fortune cookie on Monday. It was Valentines Day, I had gone to institute and nobody was there! (AKA no free Pizza from Brother Elms) So, I had three options:
1. Quiznos
2. Panda Express
3. A healthy salad or sandwich from the cafe in Pierpont Commons

As it was Valentines Day (a day for eating unhealthy things such as candy) I decided to go for Panda Express. This was a surprising choice for me, I don't appreciate Panda nearly as much as I used to. This, likely because of over use in high school and my freshman year here at U of M. I got fried rice, orange chicken, and mandarin chicken. (if your mouth is watering... trust me, it wasn't that great) As I was checking out I almost forgot my fortune cookie! Thankfully the girl working called out to me, "Don't forget your fortune cookie!" I took it and the thought crossed my mind... I think my life would have gone on just fine without this fortune cookie.

Anyway, I finished my mediocre lunch while reading on my Kindle. (best reading device EVER) Then, as I was gathering my things to leave, I again almost forgot my fortune cookie. I glanced back at the table and there it was. I opened it, half expecting it to be some ridiculous comment about how I'd find love by the end of the week.

(No, this isn't the fortune cookie that changed my outlook on fortune cookies)

I opened my fortune cookie and here were it's words of wisdom:

Yes, it now resides in my journal

Now to some of you this may seem like any, ridiculous fortune cookie. For me it is very significant! I have told a few people, but not everyone! I am officially going to serve an LDS mission as soon as I graduate in May. My papers are done, and all I have left is my interview with the Stake President. This fortune cookie was a pleasant surprise, and very fitting since I had just had my interview with my Bishop the day before:) Not only was my fortune cookie a pleasant surprise, it was a much needed pick me up from a stressful day.

So, a few things I have learned this week...
1. Fortune Cookies might have some, occasional value
2. Never underestimate the probability of receiving valuable fortune cookie
3. Fortune Cookies have the potential to brighten a bad day
4. God works in very mysterious ways sometimes
5. Many people are VERY excited about me serving a mission and all of them hope I will serve where they served:)

Look forward to hearing about my mission call in a few weeks! (fingers crossed and prayers offered that it will come while my family is visiting for my senior recital!)