Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Signs that make you think... or laugh

So today I was sitting at the bus stop, waiting for the bus (obviously). I started reading the many different signs posted and my eye was drawn to one the told of a cleaning crew that would come to your house to clean it for you. Some parts of the sign went as follows, and I quote:

(there were exactly four question marks)

yes doing) FOR YOU!!!!!

-A deep cleaning, we let your place sparkling, just ready to moving in.

and so on and so forth.... haha

I wasn't sure what to think of this sign... maybe call them and help them put one out that made grammatical sense.(I'm not sure that sentence makes sense either and I wrote it!!) But then (while laughing at how funny all those sentences sound) I realized... maybe that was their trademark! That is what they were going for... great cleaners... not so great with advertising.

I saw another sign that made me laugh the other day... I've never seen this before in my life but I kid you not it was real. (Maybe people who have seen the
se signs wont find them so funny?) Isn't a farmer, in a tractor, crossing the street semi obvious?? I would hope that it is a given that in a farming area, farmers might cross the street now and again! I think the main reason it made me laugh is because they put up deer crossing signs to help drivers to look for the deer. Drivers need to look for deer because the deer aren't very intelligent when a car is coming at 50 mph! They don't run away from the car, they run into it! (Anybody who has hit a deer can attest to this) It makes it seem like the farmer is an animal that doesn't know what to do when a fast car is coming! Too funny!!

I decided a post about funny signs was necessary after seeing two that made me laugh in less than a week. I remember my brother Zach sending home all sorts of funny signs while he was on his mission.... I wonder what funny signs other people have seen. Here are a few that I found after doing some google research. Enjoy!!

At least they are honest right?

Make sure you catch the fine print... sorry kinda small:)
Funny Sign 9
hmm... I'll have to think about that if I ever run into that sign
Funny Picture 10
Maybe they were predicting the future?
Funny Sign 4
I am glad our tax dollars are going to signs like that:)

Funny Sign 5
This is when you start going crazy
Funny Sign 8
Glad I don't live in that city...
I just found this one... couldn't resist! haha


  1. Oh my gosh, those are hilarious!! I love the last one!! LOL

  2. My favorite is the 'sharp edges' sign. Hilarious! I wish I could post a picture in the comments. I saw some funny signs when I was in Canada!

  3. haha oh man that is great! now i'm totally going to be looking for funny signs!

  4. haha thats funny! We are so glad we got to see you over Thanksgiving! Thanks for all of your help :) p.s. tell your mom to get a family blog too..