Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Get your scrapbook on!

So, over the summer my mom was the camp director in her ward and one of the crafts we did was a scrapbook made out of a brown paper lunch sack! My mom got the idea from one of her friends and although it took FOREVER to assemble the individual packs for the girls, it ended up being a really fun project!

This is mine that I made... love the little cutouts of my family member's heads.

My family at Lagoon and Jordan's high school graduation!

There are pictures on both sides of the pull outs on the left... I think those are my favorite part of the whole book. You can make them as basic or elaborate as you want!

I love this picture of my youngest brother Beau. He looks so stinking cute... mischievous but still cute:)

Again, cut outs of heads to fit on the back!

I really loved doing this little book. It was so easy to make one of them and it is super cute and relatively inexpensive! You can make bunches of them and also make them to include more or less pictures... perhaps a future relief society activity could be spent making these!!

Since I was already going crazy with scrapbooking, I decided to continue on and use a kit my mom got me for Christmas that I haven't really even looked at. She got a really great deal on the kit and it comes with the book and plastic page covers, as well as TONS of accessories such as stickers and paper punch outs. It was fun and I realized two things about scrapbooking: 1- it actually doesn't take that long to create something pretty cute and 2- I think it is a more exciting way to keep a journal! For me seeing the picture brings back more memories than re-reading about something from the past. Here are some pics of my first attempts at an actual scrapbook!

So yes... there is my beginnings of scrapbooking. I can't decide if I like a lot of pictures on one page or just a few with fun and cute decorations. What do you think? I can't say my scrapbooking days will continue any time soon because school is crazy already!! But! Hopefully after graduation or something! (it is my last year!!) Does anyone have other ideas about cheap scrapbooking like the paper lunch bag idea? Those are the best kind!


  1. I saw a picture of me in there! :)

    Could you teach me how to do the paper bag book? That looked so cool! I haven't scrapbooked in forever but would love to get back into it!

  2. I would love to teach you! We should get together and do one sometime!

  3. Hey Miss Erin.
    I had no idea you had a blog. So good to know. I'm not sure if it is hereditary. The only family member I know of who has it is a cousin on my moms side of the family. I guess a lot of woman have it that don't even know it and it never causes them problems. It isn't the reason my periods are so irregular though. That is just what it is. With that issue they generally just give progesterone when you try to conceive so that it forces you to have a cycle every 30 days. Progesterone doesn't contribute to multiples though.
    I also have what they polycystic ovary syndrome. This is genetics & it just means my ovaries produce cysts & are hyper active. My Grandma on my moms side that also had twins has this. Coincidence, I'm not sure?!? Sometimes the cysts dissolve & I never know it & other times for a few hours I'm in extreme pain when they burst. I've been in the ER with it twice & they thought it was my appendix until they did a cat scan.
    It's all about knowing your body & finding a great doctor. We feel so blessed we found the doctor we did that was very persistant about finding the culprit to my problems. He was determined. A lot of doctors are intrigued by invetro & fertelizing eggs that that is what they jump to. It's not necessary a lot of times if they would do more testing.
    I hope all is well with you in Michigan and now I will be able to follow your adventures on your blog.