Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dos Semanas!!!

Hi family!!!
Two weeks from yesterday and I will be a real missionary! HOLY SMOKES! I am getting a little anxious but cant wait!!! It will be an adventure!
This was an exciting week, full of fun events yet again. My comp and I got to escape the CCM again to go to the doctor to get her mole frozen off her back. While there we learned that the missionary who got attacked by a lion had to have his entire arm amputated. Apparently the doctor here looked over him for two surgeries and when the guatemala doctors started talking amputation they sent him to the states. He was at 18 months I believe, so almost done and now his life will be changed forever because of that decision! So sad huh?? Dont worry, I dont plan on getting too close to any lions while I am here in Guatemala.
Second! We taught Rudy!! The security guard! It was so amazing and let me just tell you, I DIDNT UNDERSTAND HARDLY ANYTHING HE SAID!!!! I understood everything my teacher and other latina missonary said, so everything I said was based off of their comments to him. He talks really fast and clips off the end of his words. It was great though because the spirit was so strong and it was amazing sharing my testimony to him in spanish and telling someone who doesnt know, that I know that God lives! So neat!! We were supposed to teach him on Saturday but we didnt because when he showed up, they needed him to work so he had to work. He supposed to come today too so hopefully he will show! He is amazing and we are really sad that we wont realistically be able to follow through with him. He has read from the book of mormon and read three pamphlets now! We are so excited but know, we will have to pass him off to missionaries in his area. His home is 45 minutes away from here so that would be better for him.
Other news, I was sick again on Saturday!! I slept for like 18 hours and I think I was more deeply asleep that day, than I have ever been in my life! It was nuts! I got up thinking we were going to teach Rudy, ate dinner and went to bed for another few hours, read my scriptures for a while and then went to bed for good. I had some really sharp pains in my stomach, but I got another blessing and I am fine now, with the exception of a head cold:) It is absolutely impossible to contain germs in this place! I dont feel sick which is great, so now I just need to be able to breathe and we will be good!! I think Heavenly Father is helping me get it out of my system here:) That is what I am banking on anyway!
I met an Hna that is going to Hna Parkers mission. She said that the previous week she walked 47 miles and that that was nothing compared to what she walks when she isnt in the city... 47 MILES!! Holy smokes... this whole 9 weeks sitting in a class and eating all day is going to an interesting adventure in two weeks:) So... those of you who feel inclined to send a package... please send a pedometer!! I cant wait to let you know how much I walk! I also heard today that the latins gain a lot of weight and that the nortes loose a lot... I am still banking on that, because gaining weight isnt an option!! I finally started telling the cooks más pequito!!! (less) I need to be able to walk in two weeks! Also, I could use more mints, who would of thought those would be so desireable. I am sure I can buy some here but if you have room, send me some! Also, make sure you send everything and anything to my mission at this point, or I might never see it!
So on a funny note, let me paint a picture for you. One of my comps came out of the bathroom and it wouldnt flush... clogged. Now imagine me talking to the man at the front desk trying to describe in spanish what the word for plunger is... it was SO funny and dont you worry, he got it after a few minutes:) That is my favorite part about my broken spanish, we all have a party when I start trying to explain things in spanish. All my comps enjoyed watching me think of words that would help him understand. Another funny note, there is an Elder here from Ohio! When I was sick, my companion accidentally asked him if he was from Michigan. You can imagine his response... DONT EVER say that again! I didnt witness it but it was so funny! Later I told him I went to U of M and he told me hed have to think about whether or not we could be friends. He hasnt talked to me when I have seen him so I think I got the answer:)
We listened to a MTC devotional from Elder Holland last night and it was so good! He made an amazing analogy between studying and tuning an instrument. Of course I loved it!! There was a musical number in the devotional and the cellist tuned right before performing. Elder Holland asked him why he didnt just do it in the morning and later led into this amazing idea that when we teach, we must tune up until the very last second so that we give the performance of a life time every single time. We need to perfect our teaching up until the last second and never stop tuning... aka teaching. I loved that so much!! It was a very powerful devotional and it helped me to see that the apostles and first presidency are behind me 100%. I think Sammy might have been there when he gave it... I am not positive, I cant remember when she left.
Speaking of which, mom will you get me her address so I can write her? I am not allowed to email her, so I need her address so I can start handwriting her letters. I cant wait to tell her about Guatemala adventures and hear about hers. Mom will you forward her emails to me when Toni sends them to you?
Sadly I am out of time, really truly, start praying that I get more time in the mission field!!
Anyway really great quote about the savior that I wanted to share: La razón porque Jesucristo fue perfecto es porque sabía quien era y porque estaba aquí... basically means the reason Christ was perfect is because he knew who he was and why he was here... it applies to all of us and I loved it! I LOVE spanis so uch! The scriptures are so much more simple in spanish and I cant wait until I understand them completely. Often times I will read a scripture in english and if it is confusing I will open my spanish scriptures and more often than not the scripture makes more sense. My teachers are amazin and so are the people here. I am learning a lot and have two weeks and counting before I am out in the real world. I love you all SO much and pray for you! Please update me! I love hearing about your days and everything that has happened. Until next week! I LOVE YOU!!
Love, Hna Nelson

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