Thursday, August 4, 2011

Semana Cinco :)

Hola family!! Holy smokes it has been an eventful week!! it is a tiny temple! From the outside it looks really big actually but on the inside the rooms are pretty small. We did our session in english and will again this week but i think after that they will be in spanish. It is crazy and i cant wait to see how much i can get in spanish! There are so many people at the temple every day that it is open. Families with children of all ages!! Cute little boys in adorable suits and little girls in gorgeous winter coats. (yes they think its winter here... it is more like fall in Michigan) I love it though! We talked to a few real people (not CCM employees) and the older people are difficult to understand. they dont finish their words and have a pretty heave accent. I am sure it will come with time though... I have also learned that i will probably pick up on some Cetche while i am in Xila... you should see the BOM in Cetche, it is HUGE!
So! I was way sick on sunday! Something has been going around the CCM and everyone has been sick in some way or another! i had really bad aches and my comp was really nautious. I spent basically the entire day in bed and i havent done that in forever! It was nice though and i feel so much better now. while i was sick and half zonked i killed my first bug!! Zach and Karli imagine the reaction to the spider in judy's kitchen before my faerwell, combined with drugs in my system and you have the moment. It was a cockroach or something like it! First i threw my shoe, next i got up and tried to step on it but missed, and last i was screaming as i finally killed the thing! My comp was very entertained... i was also screaming the whole time and I'm in trouble!! The bugs are going to be HUGE in Xela compared to this one! oh well, i will just have to cope :)
We went contacting this past week and i LOVED it! Real people, real contacting, real missionary :) just to paint a picture.. it was pouring rain (the kind of rain in michigan when the drops aren't very big and yet you are still soaked!!) At one point i got sprayed by a passing car so the next time we came to a skinny sidewalk all three of us were running to avoid being hit by water, giggling all the way! Hna parker was in the back yelling, Oh my gosh! oh my gosh! It was so funny! Anyway, it was originally just going to be me and my comp but luckily a teacher ended up coming with us or we would have died! The teacher was great and told us to say hi to everyone and that is exactly what we did! i gave away my first BOM as a missionary!! His name was Jaime :) it was so awesome and my spanish was so great i couldnt believe it!! i told him what it was about and bore my testimony... all in spanish of course and he actually understood it! in the hour and a half we got 14 peoples addresses that want to meet with the missionaries later and gave away like 20 pamplets. One of the people we gave a Bom to was a maid who works in a house. Here they live with the family they are maids for so that was interesting and something i have never seen before. We talked to a bunch of security guards with their huge shotguns in their hands... that was fun! One man that was totally a golden contact too! His name is Abel, he is in Hna Parkers mission and said so many people had told him about their churches but nobody ever invited him and we did! So he is going this sunday and hopefully the missionaries will find him and start teaching his family. Hna Parker and i pray for him every day! Another fun experience contacting... we passed this woman trying to fix her car. something was wrong with the battery... our teacher Hna Morales went up to her and asked if she needed help. So Hna Morales moves some wires around and picks the battery up and sets it back down and tells them to start it! Of course since were missionaries, what do you think happened??? It started right away!! We walked away basically yelling... it was DIOS, DIOS!! (God!) It was so funny! Before this day i was starting to regret sending my blow dryer home and not getting a straightener. After this experience of what the life of a missionary is really like, I Quickly changed my mind :) You will get pictures of this great day eventually, but we arent allowed to send pics on the computer so i will have to wait until i am actually in the field. Ps Mom, you said i only had one more week here... I have three and a half!!! we are in provo for three and the CCM for six. Thankfully i love it here so six weeks is flying by! By the time we came back from contacting, my feet were stained black from my shoes and i truly understand what it means to be a missionary :)
Teaching here is so fun and i love it!! Yestereday i realized that Hna Parker and i have unity that is very unique, we have yet to see any other missionaries that can teach as unified as us. Yesterday we went to CRE (our pretend investigator that is a teacher here) and when we finally got in (she ALWAYS gives us trouble and i basically had to beg her to let us in by promising she would feel the spirit... funny!) and she said right off that she felt like god didnt love her because she had been fighting with her husband. We had planned to teach the plan of salvation and she said we had ten minutes, so i turned to Hna Parker... said ditch the lesson plan and moved forward on the fly! It was so fun and when Hna Parker didnt know where i was going with something, she just smiled (one of her greatest tools) We did so greay and it is amazing how much our spanish has improved! Teaching is my favorite part, but we do it so much that we never have time to reevaluate and figure out what we can do better! it is great though!
Last night was great, we had a fireside from a member of the second Quoram on the 70! It was great and unfortunately we had to use a translator. I can understand basically everything but i didnt want to miss anything! I learned last night that i can probably pick up more listening in spanish that english though... He is apparently really important in missionary work in Guatemala. You will have to look it up and let me know! I dont know what role he has played. I got my second letter today! This time my friend sent it through regular mail and it only took 2 weeks... I know that seems like a long time but mail is a coveted thing here and 2 weeks is fantastic! So i think the pouch is probably faster but i am not positive. If youi mail letters after next Wed make sure you send it to my mission home in Xela. Times up! Jordan, before you leave practice typing so you can type as fast as possible! 30 Min goes by so fast!! I am doing good and am loving my time here. i thank Heavenly Father for Hna parker every day! We laugh and giggle all the time and i love it!! i love you all and i will talk to you next week!!
love Hna Nelson

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