Monday, August 22, 2011

HOLA!! 3 weeks to go in the CCM!!

Hola mi familia! This has been a crazy eventful week!! So much to tell you and 30 min is just simply NOT enough time! I have heard rumors that we have more time in the field. I pray and hope so!
(the Enter button works this week!)
So one of the highlights this week was a package of letters and goodies from my ward in Michigan. It made me SO happy and I loved hearing from people. Congrats Chalsea and Jake, Dana and Barry... and all you others getting married soon!!! MIKE AND KATE!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I called it:) Ok probably not really, but I am so happy for you! SOMEONE NEEDS TO KEEP ME UPDATED MORE OFTEN!! I need to know the Hill Street happenings! The letters were such a happy surprise and blessing and they only took 8 days to get here! That was exciting! Mail and packages are always unexpected and a pleasant surprise. Hna Lawson, hna in my room, got some dr pepper from her mom this past week and almost started crying... it was priceless! She also got grahm crackers and frosting which was a great surprise and we all enjoyed it!
Guess what we had for lunch this past wed?? Cafe rio salads!! Guatemala style... unfortunately I was fasting so I didnt get to try but I was informed that they were really good!
Other exciting news... my comp and I have been called to be the Coordinating Sisters! (Similar to the assistants... Zach and Karli can explain I am sure) We are so excited about it and so excited to help the new sisters feel welcome and to serve our mission pres and wife. They are FANTASTIC! We love them so much and always enjoy our time with them!
Tomorrow, we are teaching a REAL investigator... in SPANISH! We are nervous but so excited! His name is Rudy, I think I told you about him last week, but he ended up having to work so we rescheduled. We just saw him and he is still planning on tomorrow so that is exciting! He is a security guard here and full of life. Hopefully our lesson will go well!!
Today we had an amazing day! We go to leave the prison as some call it:) I dont quite feel that way, but it could very quickly... we arent allowed to leave the walls of the CCM except for when we are going to the temple or our CRE teaching practice. Today they took us to the Mapa de Relieve... I think that is what it is in spanish. It is the first wonder of guatemala!! Cool huh? It was really neat and I LOVED it! Quetzaltenango is surrounded by volcanos which is pretty cool! There is one that is a water volcano that apparently if it goes off, all the surrounding ones will too... sounds fun huh? Oh and ps... did you know that Guatemala has tremors on a regular basis in their winter months?? We have felt a few since we have been here... not big at all, but the ground does shake. New experience!! So one of the members of the mission presidency here took us to the map and explained all the places scholars believe the book of mormon took place! That was SO neat and if we ever come here and go see it, we will HAVE to study and figure out the different places or take a member scholar with us because it was so interesting! After we went to the Relief Map we went to a mercado (market...) It was just like the ones in mexico but WAY more people stuffed into the area. It was a little nerve racking to be in public, stressing about people stealing money and stuff, but still fun. I bought some earrings and attempted to bargain... mom could have done a much better job. It is also difficult because we have to do the exchange in our minds from Quetzales to dollars. That is when I wish we carried phones... I miss my calculator... That was really fun and we got to see a food market too. They had EVERYTHING! Avecados, raw beef (you all know I loved that part) including the workers dealing with it WITHOUT gloves! That sure grossed me out, as you can imagine! I didnt buy too much but when I am getting ready to come home, I would love to go back to get souvenirs! After the mercado we went to a mall/museum... OH MY GOODNESS!!! Their mall is 100 times bigger than ours!! It was crazy and we definitely realized Guatemala City is VERY developed. They still have lots of poor people and poor living conditions in some areas but this mall was GIGANTIC! I dont remember if I told you but because of weight I had to ditch my shampoo and conditioner and today was the first chance I have had to buy more. You will all appreciate that Guatemala is already humbling me... maybe Megs will be the only one to appreciate but I have been using Head and Shoulders! Not that that is bad of course, just not my favorite pick:) So I got some stuff today and probably paid way too much for it since it was in the mall, but at least I have some of my own now, because the head and shoulders wasnt even mine! It was one of the sisters who left!
So because Hna Parker and I are the coordinating sisters, we had to move rooms. The CCM is in the shape of an L. One side is for the missionaries and the other is for members who come from far away to go to the temple. We moved into the members housing because there are too many sisters to stay in the CCM. There are 6 of us to the room and only one shower so that will be interesting... Hopefully we will be in two different groups so we dont have to get ready all at the same time. Things are good, the schedules here have been so crazy and that is why our emailing is a different day. To my knowledge we will email on Wed again next week but we really never know!
I hope you are all doing well! I miss you all and pray for you everyday! I leave the CCM three weeks from today and will be a real missionary! HOLY SMOKES!! I love you all so so much and cant wait to hear what everyone has been up do! Happy belated Birthday megs! Did you get my card?? I hope so, I wasnt sure if you are still in Utah or AZ but I sent it to Utah! I love you all! Talk to you next week!! I might be able to print off emails in the morning, so write me:) and hopefully I will be able to get on and print them off and write responses! PLEASE PUT YOUR MAILING ADDRESS!! Or I cant write a response! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!
Buenas Noches:)
Love, Hna Nelson

This is Megan :) to anyone following this, if you would like something to be passed on to erin at any time.. just comment on a post and i will make sure she knows what you said :)

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