Wednesday, July 27, 2011

finally updating again!!! :)

Hello everyone, this is Megan :) I have been put on blog duty for the next year and a half, and i finally have it down i think :) Hermana Nelson is doing so great!!! Here are her past few E-Mails.



Hola family!
OH MY GOODNESS! My time is already ticking down.
I am good! The MTC is so interesting! There isn't another place on earth like it except another MTC. Missionaries everywhere! My first day here was pretty good. The very first person I saw was Kenzie Boshard!! That was so SO nice and I loved seeing her! She was so excited and helped me feel at home right away. After I met my companion... her was Hna Battaglia. She speaks portugues so they moved her to an advance spanish class so now I am in a three some. Hna Broadbent is one of my comps she is from Boise ID and knows everyone here! Hna Morgan is my other one and she is from Alaska which is fun. There are three people here from michigan. Damien my sophomore roommate, my stake pres son and my friend andrew and then kenzie! I love seeing familiar faces. My dorm is fine! I had trouble falling asleep the first few nights and finally Hna Broadbent gave me some Melatonin and I fell right asleep. It was AMAZING! I have slept great since then!
The first two days were interesting. I had some serious panic moments like I've never had before thinking "what in the world am I doing here!!!? haha but now that I am settled and enjoying my companions everything is great. I am happy and so grateful to be here! Spanish is great for me! For my district not so much. For some reason we basically haven't had a teacher teacing us spanish. We had a sub the first two times and then the three other times the teacher has only spoken spanish to us. I can understand almost everything but my district has been freaking out! One of the elders had the look of death on his face and was like " you don't understand!!! We dont' speak spanish!!" it was so funny! The Elders in my district are HILARIOUS! They have me laughing all the time! There are twelve people i have met so far that are going to guatemala. six of us are going to my mission, but we will all go to the guatemala mtc together. Mom! Will you call the travel office and see if they have all my paperwork? The thing i was missing? I want to make sure they got it so I am not delayed at all in leaving. dearelder me to let me know. If you do it before 12pm I will get it the same day!
I met somebody who knows my mission pres and she said he is awesome so that is exciting. My branch presidency is nice but the pres is a little intimidating! His wife started Kneaders!! We are hoping they will bring us something one day:)
I have so much stuff! The others hnas only have two suit cases... I don't know how they did it! There is a scale right outside of my door so that is good.
Last night we had a fireside from Jenny Oaks Baker. It was nice! I sat next to an elder from hawaii who is also going to guatemala. It is amazing how many people are going there right now! The MTC isn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. The food is fine, just as good as my cafeteria in michigan. The schedule is probably much more rigorous that in the actual field so maybe I will decide I don't like it after leaving.
It is so funny! I think of five thousand things to say and then we unexpectedly got on so I didn't have time to write down thoughts before hand. We are doing laundry right now. You all know how picky I am with my laundry!!! I had to put some colors in my whites and it felt horrible!! Hopefully I didn't just turn my garments blue. I have so many fun pics I want to send you but this computer doesn't have any sd drive! Zach! Is there a way to put my sd drive into a usb to plug it into the computer? Let me know!
Thank you so much for the packages! My roommates think I am spoiled! I got three the first two days!! Full of goodies! I feel like we eat SO much here! Not in quantity but so often!! We eat every few hours which I am not used to so I struggle to consume all my snacks so I am determined to take them to guatemala. Thank you so much for the packages!! They make me feel loved and I love hearing from you guys! My pdays are on mondays! if you email me here, send it early so I can print it off in the morning and read them, and then I will respond later. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!
Talk to you soon!
Love, Hermana Nelson

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