Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hola from Guatemala :)

Erin sent this from the airport :)

Hola familia!! I am here!!! Just so you know their keyboards are slightly different so it is a bit difficult to type, so dont judge! Anyway, it is FABULOSO here!! We got back into security just fine and still had time to spare after we went in from security. I didnt sleep too much on the flight because I was in the isle and people kept bumping into my arms and waking me up, so I was really tired when we got here but got VERY excited once we got through customs and outside. It was really cloudy when we got here and helped me appreciate how much I miss Michigan:) Humidity and all! The weater is BEAUTIFUL! My perfect temp and sunshine!! They picked us up in a school bus from the airport. That was fun and dont worry! I have pics! We got here and were able to sleep. I showered because I felt SO gross. Then took a nap for a few hours. The CCM is FANTASTIC! I love it already. They werent kidding AT ALL when they said the food was good. I have now had the best green beans and carrots I have ever had in my life. They say it is disrespectful to the cook to leave food on your plate, so we eat everything and thank heaven it is so good! Our rooms are great... and our classroom is 10 times better than they were in provo! (Just so you know, I cant figure out how to start a new paragraph so that is why it is all in one big clump) Our desks are bigger, class rooms are bigger. The bedrooms are nice and our showers actually have hot water! I thought for sure my last warm shower was yesterday... Only four latina sisters came in today. We havent met them yet and unfortunately since there are so few, we dont get to be paired with them besides at meal times and during general meetings. So basically out of the 12 or so nortes (that is our nickname... north americans!) we have to share those four latina sisters. My new companions name is Hna Parker. She is from Rigby Id and it should be fun getting to know her! We played volleyball together at the MTC a lot and I am really glad to have her as my companion. Just quickly... my address here is (if there is a long space... that means the next line just so you know) CCM Guatemala Blv. Vista Hermosa 23-71 zona 15 Vista Hermosa 1 c.p. 01015 Guatemala, Guatemala Centro America I am told that we get pouch every two weeks or something like that so letters dont take too long to get here but maybe a while to get to you. Anyway, they are only giving us 15 minutes today. My pdays will be on wednesdays here and CELEBRATE! We get to go to the temple next wednesday! It is right accross from the CCM which is great!! I love you all! I love Guatemala already and cant wait to start learning more spanish and being able to testify in spanish. The amazing thing here is that our teachers are from guatemala so we will learn the spanish they speak!!! So excited! Have a great week! I will talk to you on Wednesday:) Love, Hna Nelson

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