Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Semana Cuatro (week 4)

Hola familia!!!
Figured out how to skip to the next line:) Complicated computers! This has been an AMAZING week! I LOVE the CCM, it is so much more like a home and the people are great! I love being around the natives and speaking spanish all the time! There is an Elder here from Michigan which is fun... He never came to the singles ward so i didnt know him before hand. We can listen to music here which is SO nice! I have missed it so much! I think I need more batteries for my speaker but thank heavens it is more like the US here than I was thinking
So just to summarize what it is like here:) there are men with guns at all the entrances. It is one building so we rarely go outside, beside gym in the morning. The gym here is WAY nicer than in provo, there are actually enough elipticals and we can get a real work out every day. The water is all bleached... have you every showered in bleach water? The first few days it wasnt bad but I think they recently refilled the bleach container because I smell like bleach:) Much better than nasty bugs though!! The mission pres and wife are fantastic! You will all (mostly all) appreciate that they have a dog named Jack Bauer:) That made my day when I found out! The mission pres and wife live in the CCM and their apartment is so nice! It is right accross from the sisters rooms. The sisters are on the 3rd floor, the elders are on the 2nd and the cafeteria is on the first. There is also apartments for people to stay in when they come to the Guatemala temple (I get to go today!!!) Right now it is the only temple in central america but by the end of the year there will be four and soon to be five which is AMAZING!
My comp is SO SO amazing! I love her to death and we are so similar! She is from rigby Id and full of life! We laugh and feel so similar about the gospel and it makes a big difference! The latinos are SO FUN! The latina sisters have so much spunk and personality, and I LOVE LOVE talking to them! Spanish is SO good, I feel very blessed that Heavenly Father is helping me pick up the language very quickly. Most of the teachers who have heard me speak said that I will get a latina companion in two weeks. The latinos are only here for three weeks, so they change every three weeks. I will be sad to say goodbye to Hna Parker but having a latina companion 24x7 will help so much with spanish! OH! Before I forget, if you go to you will be able to see a picture we took yesterday of all the missionaries here. I think there are like 80 or so of us, which is crazy compared to the MTC.
Thank you grandma for your letter! It only took three days to get here on pouch! The mail is much quicker than I thought!! Which is exciting! The food here is so good... I will have you all know that I actually ate a sandwich with bologne on it... hopefully you can appreciate how big of a step that was for me. I still dont like tomatoes but I am getting better about not picking stuff out of my food. All the sisters keep making jokes about how we were supposed to lose weight here, not gain and trust me:) we are all gaining! I think it is mostly because we dont move all day. At the provo MTC our classes were in a different building than where we lived, and meals were also in a different place so we were walking all the time. This time my class is accross from our rooms basically and the only exercise we get is walking up and down the stairs to meals and the 30 minutes or so in the morning. I have learned I will be hiking a lot in Xela so I am not worried at all!
Last night was fun because we watched an MTC fireside from the Friday before we came into the mtc... it was david a bednar and I saw Kenzie and Damien and all the people from our MTC zone in the choir so that was fun. Some of the missionaries who have been here for 3 weeks were also in it which was fun to see. His talk was great and gave good advice on how to be a PMG missionary. I have already learned so much and cant wait to start teaching actual péople. We arent allowed to leave the ccm but in two weeks the pres and wife will take us to an outdoor market and we will get to place some books of mormon which will be fun because they dont speak english:) My comp and I taught in the CRE yesterday (it was called TRC in provo... zach and karli can explain) and our lesson was SO amazing! I am to the point that I dont really have to think when I am speaking in spanish, or translate in my head I guess. It will be great when I come home because when it comes time for me to say I am sorry for something... lo siento will come out which is the spanish equivilant! I cant wait to forget english:) It will be pretty easy here too! Anyway, I will have to respond in letters to your emails... I dont have time to read them and respond individually when we are on here. I have loved this week, today I have been pretty sick though. I took some medicine last night and I think it has made me sick to my stomach all day. Thank heavens it was pday though so I could rest! Anyway, I better go so I can read the now 6 emails I have from you:) I will try to hurry so I can respond if need be!
Oh! I found a violin at the CCM last night:) It was fun getting it out to play, mom email my mission home and if they say I can have it, please send it!!! If possible! If you buy a case, get one that has a shoulder strap... I wont be able to use a backpack one with my backpack. I am great and the place is amazing! I hope you are enjoying cali:)
I dont remember what they say but these are some scriptures I wrote down to share with you for some reason, the first is how it is the mans responsibility to be sealed:) D and C 132:2 and d and c 31:5-7
Until next week!! Love, Hna Nelson

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