Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WEEK 3 :)


I'm not sure where week two went... I'll figure it out and keep you posted :)

Hola family!!
Some missionaries suggested typing it in the journal on and then copying it and pasting it. yeah that doesn't work!!! haha I got it to work last week but it isn't working today. So I have now typed my email twice to have it not save and erase...
So I have to be quick because i have wasted time trying to figure it out.
Anyway! Good week!
I saw GRANDMA in mom's letter so I ripped open Zach and Karli's letter and found out the great news. I have a few stipulations since you didn't follow my 9 month plan:) I expect monthly pics of Karli's tummy, weekly pics when the baby is born, and just so we are all clear... that baby is ALL MINE in December of 2012!!! Glad we are on the same page:)
I was writing in my journal later that night about finding out and without thinking I kept saying I was excited to meet him... so you know my prediction! I am going for boy!!!
This week was fun. We found out that our teacher Hna Sandoval from Columbia actually speaks english. The whole time we thought she only spoke spanish. I think some of the elders were a little sorry for things that they'd said thinking she didn't understand. Nothing mean, but maybe not the nicest! She served on temple square and has been working at the MTC for a year or two. She is so great and I love her as a teacher! We also got another teacher and he is AMAZING! We are very sad to only have two classes with him.
We are all excited to go to Guatemala. We did laundry first thing and have been packing since. Packing is stressful and i already have a big box full of clothes to send home. I have too many anyway and It will be nice to cut back a little... Hopefully I don't regret sending some of them!
We meet to leave around 4:30 from the MTC. I think we will probably get to the airport around 6 or so and get checked in. I bought a calling card to call everyone from the airport so it will be sometime between then. Our flight leaves at 8:15 i think... so if you don't hear from me before then, I will call you from Los angeles. I don't know zach and karli's numbers so I will have to get them from someone else!
I am excited to go but feeling anxious in the same way I did before here. I think the first few days will probably be the same and then time will start flying by. I can't wait to start teaching people!!! I am feeling impatient to start teaching actual investigators but I know I need to learn spanish first! I can basically say my prayers in spanish without even thinking about it, I can teach the majority of the first lesson, and have written two five minute talks!! Spanish is moving quick and I can't wait to learn more. Guatemala will be good because we will be completely immersed. That will be fun:)
Anyway, I have to run! CONGRATS zach and karli! I will talk to you all for a few minutes tomorrow at the airport!
love, Hna Nelson


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