Monday, February 20, 2012

Another week

Hola mi familia!!!!So this week was kind of a boring week... SORRY! Animal of the week... A MOUSE IN OUR HOUSE!! Thankfully it entered and left pretty quickly...Mom you will never guess but I ate a sandwich with a TOMATO! We were eating with Hna Luki and Hno Carlos and it was too awkward for me to pass it to Hna Ramos (what I usually do when there is food I don't like...) so I had to just eat it. Lets just say I was praying that Heavenly Father would block the taste out so I didn't throw up... prayers are answered:)So this past Monday was really a fun pday! After we got back from buying our food we headed to Hna Luki and Hno Carlos' house. It was their daughter Daira's birthday and Hna Luki was making a homemade banana cake... SO GOOD! I told you the week before we made homemade corn tortillas with Hna Luki and this week she wanted Hna Ramos to show us how to make homemade flour tortillas. Let me just say, they are SO easy and SO SO good! I liked them better than even the tortillas we buy uncooked from Costco or Sams club. I don't know how to describe the instructions in english but maybe next week I can look up the words:) We were at their house basically our entire pday and it was so nice to spend time with them. We unfortunately didn't have any real citas with them this week so we couldn't challenge them to baptism... we have this months Liahona for them and a triple combination so they can also read D&C. If you haven't read your Liahona, read it! It is so good!!! Its about the Book Of Mormon. Perfect for investigators!At our district meeting this week we had a companionship inventory... aka getting to know your companion and let me just brag for a moment... Hna Ramos and I are great at this!!! We could basically answer every question before the inventory we were very proud:) The same day however we locked our keys in our house and basically didn't visit anyone that day because all our citas fell through and we spent a bit of time finding the other keys. One good thing we learned from this experience... it would be VERY difficult for anybody to break into our house! So the weather here is SO FUNNY! The last week I wrote... it rained every single day! Lots of people died and lots of houses were damaged. The Rama (branch) house had a mountain of dirt and after two hours of cleaning it is still covered in dirt. The drains here don't work at all so we had to first dig the drains out and then started inside the house but there wasn't any water so it wasn't too successful. They were digging a hole in the ground and natural water (dirty natural water) is what we used. We will probably go back again this week to help clean up... until then the Rama is meeting with the barrio (ward) which I actually prefer... there are more people there to support. So you might be wondering... weather this week? SUNNY AND FREEZING! haha so crazy! I reminds me of Michigan after the snow has melted and the sun is finally shining again but it is still pretty cold. We are going to go shopping today so I can buy more sweaters. I only have one long sleeve sweater and definitely need more because supposedly we haven't seen the worst of the cold! On the bright side, the sun is shining and the sky is BEAUTIFUL at sunset... rays of light coming from nowhere... so pretty!Hna Ramos had to have an interview with president this week. I obviously can't give details but it was about info she has about an elder in our mission... so we didn't do much Friday either... we went to the mission home so she could have her interview and then afterwards we had a training meeting so it wasn't worth heading back to our area. So we ate at Xelapan! A bread restaurant... I have told about 20 people this week I hope heaven smells like Xelapan... (it is similar to the smell of Subway but so much better!) then we had our training meeting. Hna Ramos and I had to a role play in front of everyone. She gets so nervous! this is the second time we have done it and both times she was so nervous... it always goes good though and I think the reason she gets nervous and I don't is because I had 9 weeks of practicing every day... even the spanish doesn't bother me too much. I don't say everything grammatically correct but normally the people understand me. We hardly ever have language study which is really bad so we are hopefully going to start being better at that so I can learn spanish:) it is amazing how much I can understand but when I am tired... NADA! haha I can't understand anything when I am really tired... thankfully that usually doesn't happen until 930 when we are in our house:)Interesting lesson of the week? We taught a woman that believes in God and the bible but not Christ... think about that one for a minute:) If anything my testimony of the Savior and the Atonement is significantly greater... how sad to not have the hope of a redeemer, salvation, and progression after this life!! Anyway hope everyone is well! I LOVE YOU ALL! Send me pics:) I am determined to find a pumpkin to carve. Presidents wife bought one at walmart (we aren't allowed to go there) but I am hoping to find one here so we can carve it for halloween. Hna Ramos hasn't ever carved one so we will see what we can find! Have a great week! Talk to you next week!!! I will be 23 in exactly one week and a day!! HOLY SMOKES! Time is starting to fly by!! I can't believe it is almost Christmas... I will be 1/3 of the way done with my mission by then... 1/2 when Karli and Zach have their baby and before we know it I will be home again:) I LOVE YOU LOTS!Love, Hna Nelson

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