Monday, February 20, 2012

First Baptism:)

Hola mi familia!!!
First baptism... NOT! haha so best and most memorable moment of the week.... I committed someone to be baptized this week. It was a mission goal for the first week of the new missionaries. So first investigator I could I did it. The committment itself was great and she accepted immediately... then with a confused look on all the faces present (with the exception of my comp and I) they said... she is already a member.... moment of silence WHAT!! haha it was so bad and I wanted to crawl in a whole afterwards but so great:) What a fabulous story for my mission. Wont be making that mistake again:)
Another great story I forgot to share last week. So Sunday night, I was cleaning a wound Hna Ramos had. She had fallen in the mountain and scraped her arm pretty bad. I wasn't even touching the scrape, just cleaning the gewy stuff off from the bandaid. Well all of a sudden she goes... oh my stomach and I realized she was going to pass out! I started saying No dormir no dormir (no sleep no sleep) because I have no idea what the word for pass out is in spanish. I don't think she actually passed out but needless to say she had no idea what was going on and we ended up on the floor. How greatful I am for my hospital training:) It was too funny!! She apparently can't handle blood or anything like unto it.
Other experiences I am grateful for MICHIGAN! Almost every day in my mission I realize there is something I learned in Michigan that prepared me for my mission. For example working in ward council and with the missionaries and planning activities. All of these skills are currently being applied in my mission and I am so grateful for them. Michigan was a prep for my mission!!!
Second great thing of the week. We live really close to this amazing family... the first family I met when I got here. They had a party to welcome me and it was so nice:) They had bought me a cake and everything! I loved it and felt so loved. The people are amazing here and all the members are so loving and willing to support me in this adventure. I am also so grateful I know spanish enough to talk to everyone. Most misisonaries learning a language struggle for the first few months, not talking hardly at all, and not getting to know anyone because of the language barrier. This isn't the case with me and I am SO SO grateful for that. I need to continue studying and there are definitely times I have no clue what is going on, but I can communicate, I am not shy about talking to people (shocker I know):) and that is going great!
This week had SO many funny stories... next story. We were at some teenager's house teaching them english. Their uncle came in and offered us a warm drink. I knew immediately it would be something we couldn't drink. They made it for us and my comp is too shy to say we can't drink it and I wasn't sure how to go about it the right way. So guess what we did... My scriptures were in a zip lock back to avoid getting wet, so we dumped the tea they gave us in the bag. I was dying trying not laugh and couldn't believe that they didn't notice. I was so worried it was leaking in my backpack (which it was because of the heat) but thankfully Hna Ramos took my scriptures out and put them in her backpack. It was such a funny moment and I am sure there are many more of those to come.
I almost got attacked TWICE by the dogs!! They are COMPLETELY CRAZY here!! They are EVERYWHERE! Seriously! I can't even describe how many dogs I see every day... seriously no exaggeration 100 EVERY DAY! Anyway, the first experience was with the diablos... aka the devils. That is the nickname of the dogs that live in this one house. We walked past them and they started going CRAZY! The woman who owns them had to come walk us through the street so they didn't get us. It was nuts and I'd like to sick the police on them. The second time we were avoiding the diablos and walking down a different street behind their house. When one dog goes crazy, they all go nuts. I didn't see one of the diablos but my comp did and started screaming to run! So we ran away all the while I am trying to sceam in spanish DONT RUN! They will just chase us!!! It was so funny and lets just say my heart rate was a little accelerated for a time. It is funny, the dogs on the streets are probably crawling with diseases of all sorts but the truly dangerous ones are the ones that are pets and not tied up... Thankfully I have the protection of Heavenly Father looking out for me:)
Another great experience... we were walking along one day and all of a sudden my entire boot sunk into the ground. I couldn't get out and everybody wasn't sure what happened because suddenly and slowly I was significantly lower. It was so funny! I have more pictures of it, but I let a member borrow my memory card and she hasn't given it back yet... so the pictures I am sending are from Hna Ramos' camera. Anyway, I figured out a better way to send pictures so you can get them.
Things are going good otherwise... our experiences every day are great and so funny! We don't really have any set investigators right now. The majority of our time is spent visiting members and less actives. I am trying to change that by pushing my comp to do more street contacting. Apparently nobody likes that, but I LOVE IT! I don't care at all what they think about me:) So I am trying to convince my comp that if we dont talk to people, we dont have investigators... I know I am stubborn and I am trying to be better but this is something very important:) This week went by much quicker and was a good one! We are going back to the giant mountain today... say a prayer I dont die:) Who would have thought hiking was a prereq for serving in guatemala:)
I LOVE YOU ALL!! Talk to you soon!!
Love, Hna Nelson

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