Monday, February 20, 2012

Training anyone??

Hola mi querido familia! How is everyone doing? I hope fantastic! This was a week of CHANGES!! First off... none of you will guess but I will be a trainer these next two transfers.. AHHHHHH! haha there are like 10 missionaries from my group that will be training the incoming missionaries and I am one of them. I am more nervous about her being a north american and spanish not being so great for her. I understand the majority but there are still moments when I have no idea what the person is saying. (the worst is on the phone..) There are thankfully only 3 sisters coming in that don't speak spanish... 9 in total. Hna Ramos will also be training and she will be moving to an area called minerva. I will stay in my area (las flores) and unless something strange happens I will be there for another 3 months. The church has come out with a new training program where the new missionaries train for 12 weeks and have 2 hours of companion study every day. I love it and I am excited I will be able to continue that. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME THIS WEEK!! I am excited but nervous because of the responsibility but I know that Heavenly Father wouldn't have me train if he didn't think I could do it! So we are going for it!! We also had another exiting good lesson with Luki and Carlos... really good lesson! We had a meeting with President tuesday and he gave a great lesson and we wanted to apply what he taught us. So we planned really thouroughly and amazingly enough we saw the benefits!!! Luki has been having tests to see if she has cancer in her uterus. We didn't know anything about this thought. So, up until Tuesday this past week all the results were bad and she was really scared that she has cancer and was going to die before seeing her children grow up. She has been super stressed about this and has been praying for positive results of these tests as well as an answer that this church is where she needs to be. Tuesday during the day, she finally got back test results that were completely positive and she is clear of all the bad things. Then Tuesday night we went through the temple with them and it was AMAZING! The guides didn't say anything about the mirrors in the sealing room so I explained it to Carlos. We didn't end up going back with them because of another story that is to come:) anyway, we went back the next day and had A FANTASTIC LESSON! Luki didn't notice the mirrors but she said it was so powerful imaging her family in the temple being sealed for eternity. It was so funny because when I asked her if she had received an answer about the book of mormon and the church she told me no. Then after telling us her test results were good and she knew god answered her prayer... I testified to her that perhaps that was the answer she was looking for. I then shared with her the experience I had when I found out somebody was going to pay for my mission. I assured her I never once asked that some stranger could pay for my mission, but that that was the answer heavenly father gave me to my prayers and the prayers of many others. I told her that God doesn't always answer our prayers in the way we expect. Carlos also read in the book of mormon this week which is huge for him. I am praying they will be baptized in the next few weeks so that I can see them sealed in the temple before I go home... can you believe I am already almost down to just 1 year??? If they don't get baptized before the new year, I wont be here when they get sealed! Too crazy how fast time has flown by! I love this family and hope and pray that they will accept the gospel and make this change in their life. Their children are in classes to get their confirmation in the catholic church and all of them are so excited to finish so they can start going to church with us. I don't remember if i told you but Daira... the youngest bawls when she can't go to church. ADORABLE!!So back to the reason why we didn't go home with them! So there were two buses that took people from our ward to the temple tuesday. We were in the second and a cute old man that we visit every week was in the first. He doesn't hear well at all and can barely walk. He is so sweet and we think of him as our grandpa:) Anyway, organization isn't the strongest here in guatemala. When Hno fransisco (our grandpa) finished going through the temple, somebody parked his wheelchair and left him. He ofcourse got up and walked away... ended up getting on a wrong bus and was VERY far away when the bus driver told everybody to get off. Thank heavens somebody who knows him found him and took him home. But meanwhile we were looking EVERYWHERE for him! In the temple, the temple grounds, security people were looking for him in all the buses that were there (30 or so!) and nobody could find him. Mission rules say we should be in the house around 830 or so... we didn't get home until about 1045 looking for him! We didn't even know but the man who was helping us is a member of the 70... elder morales. Look him up:) haha it was crazy and we were SO SO thankful we found him before something really bad happened. We saw him the next day and he basically told us... what is up with you losing me?? it was pretty funny! So fun fact of the week... I ran into some people from Kurrville TX (however you spell it) they weren't members of the church but I told them that Zach served his mission there and it was fun seeing them... the man was shocked I'd heard of Kurrville and that I had been there... pretty funny. We met them in a shop that sells typical things... the owner is SO nice and gives the missionaries a huge discount. I will always buy things from him while I can! So we are receiving many references for the temple. We spend about three hours looking for one to find out it is outside of our area... LAME! But two of the references we have found are really positive and I am SO excited to teach them. It is so amazing the power the temple has and I am so thankful I have the opportunity to be here during the open house. It is so fun inviting people and talking to people afterwards how they felt. This week a woman said in her comments... your temple is beautiful but the way that you received my family is a true testament that this church has something different. That was amazing... another family told me... we want to be members of your church! it was amazing! As usual though, there are protestors here! I am always amazed at the efforts and money they use to try and convice people we are an evil church... pretty funny actually. Anyway, they are below where all the buses go so the majority of the people don't even pass them which is good. I told the tistoj family that that is how it is every year at general conference. Thankfully they aren't really having to great of an affect on the people visiting here. So yesterday was our stake conference and it was SO good! They apparently started this new thing where they broadcast the stake conference from Utah. So we got to hear from elder holland and president Uckdorf (don't know how to spell it) that was really fun and I got to watch it in english which is always a treat! We still don't know if we will get to go to the dedication but I am hoping and praying!! So we will see! Mom when will the gilbert temple get dedicated? I was thinking the other day and I am SO SO excited for it! BECAUSE I am pretty sure I will get home before hand AND I will be able to be the tour guide that translates for all the latinos! I am SO excited for that!! Let me know when it is k? I met somebody in the temple from Gilbert... I don't know who he is or anything but it was fun to tell him I have family there.So I told Zach and Karli but just so you know:) I sent some things home for Christmas for you all with a north american man that was here visiting. Don't worry mom, I only bought the things and didn't have to pay to send them. DON"T OPEN ANYTHING UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! OR ELSE:) I hope you all enjoy your guatemala gifts. Tell Beau not to worry, I will send some things for his country report with another north american who is coming and told me he could take stuff home too. What a blessing that there are SO SO many people here for the open house and dedication of the temple! Anyway, I love you all and we will see the next week who my brand new to the mission, new to me companion is. I am praying for a latina so that I can continue improving my spanish and so that when I don't understand anything she can help me:) I hope I can tell you that Luki and Carlos commit to a set date in my next email. Prayers are very much appreciated:) I love you so much and pray for you all the time!!! Until next week!Love, Hna Nelson

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