Monday, February 20, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2012... the end of the world:)‏

Mi querido familia!
Another week of the mission has flown by! I completed six months this past week and without even planning it I finished reading the Book of Mormon cover to cover the same day! It was very exciting! Hopefully pictures are to come!! My computer is a bit slow today and I am missing a bunch of pics from the last week!
So this was a great week! A great week to end the year and a great week to welcome in the new year! Lets start with the funnies of this week! First... we were in a lesson with a new investigator. Out of no where hna smith sees a spider coming towards me... she ofcourse knows how I feel about spiders so we stopped our lesson by me jumping up. I asked the investigator if she could kill it... except for the investigator heard cat instead of spider... so let me just paint a picture. Hna ella puede matarla? (hna can she kill it) and she heard... hna ella puede matar el gato? (hna can she kill the cat) I was wondering why the investigator was taking so long to decide... she then just yelled at her cat to get out of there... then she saw the spider and understood. Not sure if the picture I drew is sufficient, but let me just say it was HILARIOUS! haha
Next funny is the things children say... last night we were at a members house. We made scotcheroos and took them some. They wanted to give us something in return so they gave us a box of cookies. I was like oh thank you so much! That is so nice of yoU! then the five year old little boy goes... NO TENGAN PENA!!! which means like oh dont worry about it, it is nothing... and then after he goes LES ESPERAMOS! which means like we hope for you in the house all the time... it was SO stinking funny! they took a picture of him and his cousins trying to play my violin and they promised theyd send them to mom so she can forward them to everyone else.
So missionary work this week was amazing!!! We have 12 new investigators... three pretty big families and they are all really promising! One of them we had to spend an hour and a half explaining to him that the church has nothing to do with the american goverment. he kept asking why obama doesn't spend his money on the poor people in guatemala instead of the huge temple. it was actually kind of funny but also very interesting just how much the people here actually associate the church with the united states. it was great being able to clarify a mountain of things for him... explaining tithing and that those who serve in the church aren't paid and that it is the members money that funds temples and chapels... really strengthened my testimony of the organization and set up of the church. It simply cant be the true church without being set up how it was originally set up. The investigator was very grateful that we took the time to answer his questions and it was such a good lesson! we are hoping and praying for success with that family! they are golden! They don't drink coffee and have doubts about all the other churches theyve attended that our church doesn't have because it is the true church!! Anyway so that is great!
ANother great lesson we had was with a different investigator named luki. I had been reading in 1 nephi when they are getting ready to leave for the promise land in the boat. Luki was telling us about some vegetables she has that are supposed only grow here and in egypt. Well in 1 nephi it talks about how they brought seeds from jerusalem to plant in the promised land... so I explained to her the connection and it really grabbed her attention and she really wants to read the book of mormon now. So we will see what happens with them this week! We are super excited about all of them!
So we did exchanges this week for the first time in my mission. With how many investigators we have, and that all of them can only have citas at night, we are swamped every day! So we did exchanges to be able to visit more than two in one night. I went with a rm sister in our ward and hna smith with cecilia. it was really fun, but very strange not being with my companion... the "always with someone curse" has already taken hold of me! It will be SO weird being able to be alone when I get home... mom, megs, and karli might play companions until I get used to it again. Hopefully it doesn't take too long:) for your sakes! The night we did changes I had three dinners... back to back! I have been showing people pictures from my recital and every single one makes comments that I am a lot thinner now than in that picture. I don't know that I have actually lost weight but certainly inches from walking so much. All my clothes are baggy and originally I thought it was because of the lack of dryers... this week I learned that in fact my clothes have been getting washed and dryed in a dryer... so that is fun! Not sure how thats possible when I eat three dinners, but the 4-6 miles every day it working out for me:)
Anyway, sorry kind of short this week... hope everyone had a great new years eve and are enjoying 2012... the people here think the world is going to end december 12th of 2012... they better start listening to us:) haha anyway, HAPPY 2012! Invite the missionaries over to eat and more than anything... ask when you can go out and teach with them! BEST GIFT EVER to a missionary! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! Be safe and dont forget your favorite sister missionary in Guatemala:) I LOVE YOU!
love, hna nelson!

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