Monday, February 20, 2012


Hola familia! I hope you all had a fabulous halloween and everyone celebrated my birthday with me where ever you are:) This was a fun week, but when it comes to missionary work not so fun unfortunately.
So Monday after emailing we went to get lunch at our new favorite restaurant owned by members here. It was really good as always! We didn't have any plans really for Halloween which was depressing for me. I remembered and told Hna Ramos all day long about all the fun things we did for halloween when we were in draper... meatballs, soup in pumpkin break bowls, and pumpkin seeds! Halloween really is one of my favorite holidays. A family had invited us over for a family home evening that night and told us we had to wear costumes. So we were thinking all day what we were going to go as. Right now in Guatemala is kite season! I LOVE IT! There are people flying kites every single day! TONS of them! I had wanted to buy one and we ended up finding some butterfly ones so we went as butterflies:) It was really funny and was so great to celebrate halloween! I would have been so sad if we didn't do anything. I searched everywhere for a pumpkin and they don't exist here... at least not with the people who don't have very much money. So Halloween was fun!
My birthday... a good day and Hna Ramos nearly gave me a heart attack! She had found a firework a few days before and for birthdays in central america they always have fireworks to celebrate. So she decided to light one in our BEDROOM!!!! haha it was so funny and I told her she was crazy for the next few hours... I am convinced I lost years of hearing in the future. After my near heart attack she gave me some candy she'd bought for me. Dani and his mom (velasquez family) had bought me a cake and brought it over to me in the morning. If it wasn't the day of the dead they would have rather had me come over to celebrate but they go to visit all their deceased family members and celebrate as a family... quick side note. This was the next day but I asked Dani's mom how their family lunch was. I later asked her where her dad lives because she told me she was going to visit him the day of the dead... OOPS! Everyone got all awkward and started laughing when I realized he currently lives in Heaven:) It was really funny! So anyway we did our studies as usual my birthday and then headed to district meeting. Our district leader brought cupcakes (not for my birthday but we are just going to say YES for my birthday!) After we went to our favorite restaurant again. Food not my favorite this day... but it was still nice. Afterwards we headed back to our house to enjoy my birthday cake. It was delicious and had my favorite frosting!! The kind that Miran helped me discover in Michigan. We had ice cream too so that was great! We had correlation this day too so we went to that and then afterwards headed to Hna Marys for our special fiambre dinner.... lets just say it was interesting... every vegetable you could imagine... beets being the highlight of the dish. And EVERY kind of meat I would ever eat. I couldn't finish it because it was SO much but Hna Mary was so so sweet to make it. It is really expensive and takes forever they tell me so it was a very special birthday present from her:)
So time is running out sadly but I challenged Luki y Carlos to baptism this week. the 19 of november. They didn't accept but they also didn't say no. We are going to try and have a cita with president this week. They seem so much more open to us so I am keeping the faith running high!!
I realized this week how accustomed I am to the height here:) Dani is 5'7 and I tried to tell him he was really tall... when we stood next to each other I realized how he isn't as tall as I thought in my mind. Everyone is taller than me obviously but not by much here and I am totally used to the difference now. There is a sister in our ward that can't talk at the podeum without the booster step... she is shorter than Tiff!!! Crazy huh? It is great!
Fabricio's baptism was good, the spirit was strong and he was adorable! So excited to be baptized finally!
Anyway this was my week, I am sure other fun things happened but time isn't on my side today:) Until next week! I LOVE YOU ALL! Have a great week!
Love, Hna Nelson

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